Students can begin lessons in piano at 4 years old. They will begin work in their own age appropriate primer or pre-reading level that may include a lesson book, theory work and a book to begin working on their technique and artistry. New music is then added based on the student's progression, musical interests and goals. Curriculum for younger students are activity and game based, to encourage excitement and creativity in music.

Students may begin voice lessons at the age of 8. From age 8 until mid-teen years (when voice change takes place) we focus primarily on basic technique, range discovery/expansion, and the prevention of bad habits. Repertoire building will begin once the voice has changed. Children, teens and adults have all seen improvement in their vocal skills with private lessons, no matter what age they began.

Adults of any age can take piano lessons! Whether you took as a child and want to brush up on your skills, or you're brand new to music itself, there's a curriculum and method for you! Adults of all levels have enjoyed taking lessons and learning something new or refining an old skill.

Students who are already familiar with the piano and just want to brush up on basic lead sheet reading, want to review the fundamentals to teach their own children, or who just feel they need additional instruction in theory can take lessons that focus primarily on theory. I use the Keith Snell curriculum because of the "building block progression" of their method. These focused lessons have shown to help students with sight reading and aid in the reading of lead sheets and chord charts for playing with a band.

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